Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

...Some cool people around.
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Sophia, on Portobello Market.
Beautiful vintage lace dress in nude, gorgeous! I am absolutely loving that Westwood bag.

Anna Louise, on Portobello Market.
A 60's inspiration, great coloured tights, very sweet.

Maho, on Portobello Road.
Super kawaii, I like the mix of the cute jumpsuit and the hat.

Candy, on Portobello Road.
What a cool jumpsuit! She looks great.

Kerrie, on Portobello Road.
A nice tie dye skirt, is complimented by a lovely red patent Mulberry bag.

PS: I'll be away next week, so I won't be posting, but will be checking your lovely blogs.
See you soon.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Loooove Mini Little things


Ohhh... I am addicted for anything miniature. I can contemplate 'little things', as I like to call them, for ages...

Anything goes, for instance, I could be at superdrug, a place great for travel size products, admiring all those cute little tubes of toothpaste or a super cute mini baby Johnson's cream for ages. It doesn't stop there, don't you love when you come across a little fruit, like the tiniest grape of the bunch? Or is it just me? This list could on and on...LOL.

So here it is, something I totally fell in love with, a Miniature Collector's jacket by Martin Margiela! OMG! I wish I'd had my camera with me so I could showed you the the size of the jacket compared with my hand. It must be about 35 cm high.

It's a gorgeous little jacket. Extremely well tailored, I could see a very small child wearing it, but honestly you wouldn't dare. This fab little item is a special edition piece for the celebration of Maison Martin Margiela's 20th anniversary and it costs £250.

Certainly an item that you would treasure, especially if you were an exquisite collector.

This whole post reminded me when I went to the V&A exhibition back in 2007 'The Golden Age of Couture - Paris/London - 1947/1957'. It was a delightful exhibition with the most wonderful gowns made by Dior and Balenciaga of the post war period. The launch of Dior's new look was very much controversial, Dior wanted to celebrate the end of war and the birth of a new era, to set a standard for dressmaking and high fashion and mostly to keep the fashion industry, his house and others in Paris running as they had been before the war. Whilst in England, the scarce of materials, and house wives much used to the make-and-do, found Dior's look pretty much outrageous.

Anyways, THE highlight of the exhibition for me was a miniature doll,(an easy and cost effective way for French houses to demonstrate and sell their designs to countries world wide). The doll's outfits were made in the most exquisite way, to display potential buyers the quality of the product despite it's size.

Miss Virginia Lachasse was a British doll which had a touring exhibition to raise money for the Greater London Fund for the Blind. Her wardrobe shows the clothes a typical couture client would possess. It includes lingerie, accessories and jewellery, made specially by exclusive London companies such as Asprey. It also has what is thought to be the smallest pair of nylon stockings ever made.

Would you be jealous of Miss Lachasse's wardrobe???? She is just fab!

That is why I loooove mini, little, kawaii things!

(Miss Lachasse pictures from the V&A museum)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another DIY finished - shredding.


Celebrating my 100th post with some pictures of my shredded tee!

The shredded tee was a project I wanted to do for a while, I love the way it came out, it's so rock n' roll.

It wasn't even difficult to do it, once you have found a very soft, fine kind of cotton tee shirt to work on, it's a piece of cake and in fact quite a relaxing project.

I have also added a couple of studs which I have bought for another diy idea I had, so watch this space.




These second hand VW boots were a special gift!



Tee shirt: Made by me, Camisole: Damsel, Shorts: Topshop, Boots: Vivienne Westwood, Belt: french Connection from the charity shop.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

... Some cool people around.
- Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Tess, on Portobello Road.
Love this look, so inspiring for the summer with bright colours and her adorable skirt is from New Look. What a great buy.

Clara, on Portobello Road.
Cool and casual rock chic look, she pulls it off so easily. Her Miu Miu bag is gorgeous!

Katell, on Portobello Market.
I totally fell in love with her dress, so pretty and it was bought at the market.
Those boots are very cool too, nice detail with the zipper.

Elise, on Portobello Market.
A feminine, 50's inspired style. Beautiful dress and an even more beautiful YSL bag compliments the look perfectly.

Echo, on Portobello Road.
On the boyfriend jeans trend and a nice stripey jacket. Very cute.

Deborah, on Portobello Road.
Great casual look with a touch of glam on the sequined bag. Cool harem pants too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Purple and Tartan


I managed to get some pictures taken today, hurray! It had been a while since my last outfit post, hope you guys have been missing it. ;)

Let's hope the weather stays warm for the bank holiday weekend, I can't wait for those nice, really warm days, my summer clothes are just screaming to get out of the wardrobe!

An easy going look today, with flats(it's good to give the old feet a break). The purple top you might recognize from the previous post was a bargain from a second hand shop and the necklace one of my favourites is so old I bought it about 15 years ago. Oh my gosh... time flies.





Top: Second hand, Skirt: Vivienne Westwood, Leggings: Primark, Shoes: Primark, Bag: from Florence leather market.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



A quick look at some of my must have favourite eyeshadows and palettes for the summer.
I am a big eyeshadow lover, having almost a full draw of the stuff(!). I pretty much use any colour but the majority of my collection are bright colours from blue to purple and green to pink.

Whenever I see a big palette like Bobbi Brown, with an amazing selection of colours it gets my heart racing, the price is not bad either, considering the variety you get and also the quality. Quality is very important!

Another favourite brand of mine is MAC, the eyeshadows are great and the pigments even better, slightly pricier but so ever lasting they are very much worth it. There is also Bourjois, on a high street level, with fantastic eyeshadows and colours. Not many people know but Bourjois is Chanel's sister company. Obviously, the Chanel packaging is just gorgeous and so classy, and often the compacts and eyeshadows have limited edition designs, which makes them extremely adorable and desirable. Quality wise Chanel and Bourjois are the same, I couldn't believe when a girlfriend of mine who used to work at Chanel told me, so you don't need to splurge to look fabulous, but sometimes we so want to!

Bobbi Brown 35 electric shades palette, is a winner!
At £49 is a total bargain.

Chanel's London madness collection.
Coming out in July! (Will be available exclusively at Selfridges)

Love Shiseido compacts, they look so zen, it's like having a beautiful stone on your purse... 4 great colours in one palette, £26.

Get some of your brightest colours on this Shu Uemura palette. From 16.50

A campaign fronted by Scarlett Johansson and a collaboration with iconic make-up artist Pat McGrath, Dolce and Gabbana is now make up! The golden case is fabulous too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A quick update for sandals


I have always been very keen on the 70's look and the combination of sandals and socks. It can be a very tricky to wear, get it right and it looks cool... but how to get it right? How can you make it look updated?

'Boos and Besitos', lovable line by L.A. girls Rana Shoar and Alejandra Hernandez with an eclectic mix of handmade goodies, made of recycled and deadstock vintage fabrics, are making these very cool socks which will change the look of your footwear forever. They are great for layering, especially for the English spring, which can be ever so unpredictable... starting as sunny day and getting cold as soon as the sun goes down. Also, they are an easy way to change the look of your sandals, making possible to wear them on throughout the year. They are called 'Booties' and I really like the idea.

Available from

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

... Some cool people around.
-Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Terry, on Portobello Market.
Very cute, love the tulip skirt and the brogue shoes matching the jacket.

Lindsay Stopp, on Portobello Market.
All black and not boring at all. Love the over sized coat, brogue shoes, the layering is great. Looks very cool.

Becks, on Portobello Market.
Absolutely loved her sequined cardigan and the vintage look top.

Sophie, on Portobello Market.
What a wonderful leather jacket, cute dress too.

Lindsay, on Portobello Market.
The Westwood bag compliments the outfit so well.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your trash is my treasure.


Don't we all love some bargains?!?

Cheap and cheerful items, good quality and unbeatable prices. Who can resist the good old charity shop?

I certainly have my favourites across town, but it seems a shame so many of the old fashioned, real flea, treasured places have shut down due high rent or development of some areas, for instance, the Oxfam on Westbourne Grove. It's still a great shop, but there aren't any £1 items in there anymore...

I do love the few old local survivors, the 'get stuck in' places. The kind of place I can spend few hours at and hopefully come out with a few little good finds like the ones below.

Vivienne Westwood cave girl tee shirt, £12!
This one I must admit I was extra lucky spotting on a busy rail behind the till!

Temperley top, £9.50
Such a feminine, soft fabric. Beautiful embroidery.

French Connection sequined cape, £8.50.
I love a bit of sparkle for summer time!

Sportmax top, £10.
Cotton and silk, sweet detail on the straps.

The proof is really in the pudding:

Another of my favorite finds is this vintage 1997 Hello Kitty pyjamas!

How could I not resist for £4!

Would you?

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