Monday, August 31, 2009

An 'editorial' all made by me


It's bank holiday weekend and I am stuck in my flat due the Notting Hill carnival, which is happening this weekend, love or hate it, the streets of Notting Hill or Notting Hell - as I call it this weekend, have thousands of people right now. Wishing a good time for everyone who enjoys carnival but no thanks for me.

Meanwhile, stuck here... I decided to take some pictures, which I hope will inspire some of you, with one of the hottest trend of this season, the sequin.

 agent provocateur, alexander mcqueen, lux

Jackets, waistcoats, tops and leggings all in sequin, with much rock n' roll attitude.

Adding a touch of bondage-chic and combine it with studs, corsets, shredded t shirts, chains and some cuttting-edge accessories. We dare you to...


chanel, mcqueen, provocateur

Blazer: Lux

Corset: Agent Provocateur

Sequined leggings: H&M

Shoes: Alexander Mcqueen

Sunglasses: Chanel

all sints, pvc, editorial

Shredded Tshirt: Pretty Portobello Shop (by me)

Harness: worn back to front All Saints

PVC leggings: Ebay

Sunglasses: as above.

Shredded tshirt, editorial

Shredded top: Pretty Portobello Shop.

For sale at

zara,diesel, ebay, photography

Sequined jacket: Zara

Sequined top: H&M

Leggings: Ebay

Belt: Diesel

arezzo, shoes

Accessories: Boyfriend's jewellery

Shoes: Arezzo

shoes mcqueen, handcuff, necklace, editorial

Shoes: Alexander Mcqueen.

Necklace: used as shoe's handcuff.

Siren, photography, street style

Top: Siren

Belt: Zara

Skirt: Charity shop

Leggings: H&M kids

I had a great and fun afternoon choosing outfits, modeling for this pictures, photoshopping and posting. A labour of love and that is why I said this my first editorial. So, I hope you all enjoy!

See you soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Kitty Asics trainers


I just came across these and found them extremely cute, therefore I must share them with you, because I so want a pair right now!

Hello Kitty lovers, I am sure you're all going to fall in love for the new Asics trainers.

They re-worked the Gel Lyte III style, which comes in a classic Hello Kitty white and red design which are just so very cute, I love these ones, and also in a black/gold. These two colours will be released in September in select Sanrio stores and on


A third pair, which I believe to be the pink/blue one, in my opinion, have the most wicked print of them all featuring the whole HK family with such an old school look. These will be released in October. I REALLY, REALLY want those!


The black/gold edition is designed for Sanrio Luxe, a high end Sanrio boutique on New York Times Square, which will be the only store selling them worldwide. I wouldn't stress, I loved the other 2 pairs much more.

They are great fun, whether you would just wear on the gym or hitting the streets.
All limited edition, so buy them now if you are a collector.

Whilst on the subject of Hello Kitty, I also found a new HK range for Tokidoki.

A quick peep:

The new collection of bags and luggage is less colourful than the last one, but it still remains with the same charm and design which is so popular with HK and Tokidoki lovers, of course.
Reminding you that the first collaboration of Sanrio with Tokidoki was a huge success, these items will probably be sold out soon. So, keep an eye for them.

See you all soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturdays @ Portobello

A rarity on the blog but sometimes it happens, I had a little time in my lunch hour and went out for a quick peep on the streets.
... Some cool people around.
- Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Lisa, near Portobello Road.
A great basic little dress with some fringes from Topshop, combined with an adorable vintage print blouse worn as a jacket. Very cool.

Alescia, near Portobello Road.
A cute leopard print dress in pink matches perfectly with the colour with her hair.

Agy, near Portobello Road.
A sweet jeans dress from Zara is an easy option for summer, I love her sandals too from KG.
Agy has also been featured at this week's Grazia Magazine at the Style Hunter section! Huge surprise when I saw it.

Alex, near Portobello Road.
Another lovely dress, I love the colours on this one. Looks vintage but it's from Comptoir Des Cotonniers.

Mhygi, visiting Portobello Road.
Already in an Autumn look, I really like the leopard tights, today was a day of prints!

See you soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Look! A bowler hat!


Here I am looking much perkier this week, thank you so much guys, all of you that wished me to be well soon. x


Today's outfit there is a history to tell...

About 3 months ago I saw this bowler hat at my friend's stall at Portobello. I wanted to buy but just wasn't very sure of how much I would wear it.

When I first spotted, it had just arrived on his stall and because it's a lovely vintage, great quality one, he certainly wanted a little more than I wished to spend. I left it behind and it had been there ever since, week by week, I was still passing by and checking out on it, in a silly hope, trying to decide what to do.

A couple of months had passed by when one of my girlfriends from work had bumped into me, in the market on my lunch hour, she asked me if I knew where she could find a bowler hat? I said yes, and took her to my friend's stall (and because the hat had been there for a while he decided to give me a discount!) and sold me for £25.

Oh, no... I was kicking myself in the sheen :). I wish I was buying it for myself... it was too late, I had no option but give it to my girlfriend despite the fact that it was a tad small for her head and perfect for mine.

(Yes, I have small head, don't you laugh!)

The only problem was... I had really fallen in love for it, and straight after we bought it, I took a picture of Lucie, for my Fridays@ Portobello, she was also wearing one and straight way I had that feeling again of kicking myself in the sheen and smile!

The following week, I either must have had an extremely high wishful thinking or a lot of luck... later in a visit to my local charity shop, there it was, as soon as I got in , a beautiful bowler hat.

- I asked. May I try?

Slightly big for me, it was perfect! I knew it would be the perfect swap for my girlfriend. Also priced at £25 from Christie's, finest hat makers, I took the chance and got it.

And just like that, the multiplication of the bowler hats! I managed to buy 2 amazing ones in a period of 1 week.

It was the perfect swap, the other hat fitted my girlfriend perfectly and it made 2 people very happy indeed.

Here is my take on it.


Because this is such a masculine look I had to break it up by wearing a bra over my T-shirt, to add a touch of femininity ;)


Hat and Top: Portobello Market, Leggings: Ebay, Bra: worn over top Vivienne Westwood, Jacket: Lux, Shoes: Phrase Eight, Bag: Coccinelle.

What do you think of this look?

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures from Saturdays at Portobello.

See you soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm loving the newest arrivals at Topshop.


Hi guys, today I am off work and feeling pretty much under the weather despite being a lovely day outside, I am under the covers with a inflammed throat and coming up with something. I just hope not to be the flu.

So, I am having a dreamland moment, completely delighting myself with Topshop's newest arrivals.

Therefore, I am posting about some stuff which I would definitely go for, including studs and shoulder pads, our love for Balmain-ish lookalikes still goes on, leather, a must have in every season, silk and knitted dress, cute alone or great combined with some cut edge leggings, something for the evening like a LBD or a daring jumpsuit and some fierce shoes.

The items I have selected could be easily mixed and matched and I am totally in love with them, you could easily pretty much create or just incorporate a new Autumn wardrobe with only 13 items!

My wish list:

I totally love gray leather, and this open front studed jacket is fab! £160.

Ruched waist dress, from Boutique, bringing shoulder pads and a futurist look which is very now for only £40.

Emma Cook Silk dress for the designers collection. Fun and lovely, lace and deer print. Great avec or sans leggings.£85

Basic but bang on the trend. This sweat top, is ticking all boxes with shoulder pads and studs, £32. (Only available at Oxford St flagship store.)

A corseted belt, is always a fantastic accessory, £30.

Update your legware with this cut edge leggings , £12 or DIY at home.

Pratical and an easy way to look fashionable, over the knee boots are a must this season and I love the stud detaling of these ones. £90

An Egg Shift dress is your LBD for the next season. Unfortunately, the picture does absolutely NO justice to this dress. The detail on it's back, an exposed zipper is gorgeous and it totally makes it. Pictures available at the website only, £50.

I also love tartan, and this jumpsuit with an asymmetric twist can be dressed up or down. Versatile and cute. £50

Mesh shoes, combined with any of the above and voila! £65

Strong and bold colours still very much in this season. I love blues and purples and find them easy colours to wear. Therefore I love this knitted asymmetric dress, £45.

The footwear below totally sums up my love for bright colours. They either could be combined with the dress above or worn with any black or gray combination if you dare.

Purple ankle boots, £85

Peep toe studed boots, £90

Have I given you some inspiration? I believe this A/W high street collections will be very rock and roll and I am loving it. Surely, new arrivals will be coming to join me soon.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A nice day out at Bicester Village


Didn't we have an amazing day yesterday? It was just so hot, I believe it was around 30 degrees and very sunny. Just one of those sporadic really hot days in the UK.

I made the best of it and decided to pay a visit to Bicester Village, in Oxfordshire, which is an outlet shopping complex, where brands sell items at discounted prices.
I first heard about it around 3 years ago, when it was small but very promising, since then shops have now multiplied with many amazing and posh brands such as D&G, Dior, Jimmy Choo and VW to name a few.

It's a cute little place.

It was lovely, my girlfriend and I managed to spend a whole day there! There are around 130 little shops and we spent 6 hrs in there, we had long, good browse. It was like a marathon. :-)

Q: Now, is it the price really amazing?

A: That is a tricky question, it depends, on many factors but giving a brief idea...

1. Your budget (is large).
2. Are you looking for something special? Are you saving your money for an amazing bag or would have a special occasion to go to?

In that case, yes! You can definitely snap something really gorgeous for an amazing price.

1. Your budget (is small).
2. You are not looking for anything in particular.

Ponder, have a good look around. There are not that many super bargains. Some shops do good deals like Puma for instance, had many items on buy 1 and get second 1/2 price. Some others, do extra discounts if you buy in larger quantity. Keep an eye for signs in the stores.

Also, many shops in London are on sale already with discounts reaching 70% in some cases. Thus, it will be no different if you buy from the outlet or the shop. Anyways, if you have the patience to go there it's good fun.

Me having a must needed rest at Matthew Williamson's shop.

Some bargains at Matthew Williamson. (I remember this top from few seasons back! I think it was around £30, a little bargain.)

Well, as you guys can see we had a really good time and a few little bags to bring home with us too. Hurray!

See you soon.

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