Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick and sexy inspiration

Hello guys,

Today's post is a sexy and cool inspiration. A great editorial which I have found at Elle Brazil.

I loved the combination of tailored items with sheer fabrics, amazing corsets and cheeky underwear on show. Quite grown up and fantastically gorgeous.
A tale of seduction.

An amazing corset with a simple tailored jacket, a deliciously daring look.

I am absolutely in love with this ever so lady like, ever so cute futuristic jacket.

This silk shirt with some detail on the shoulders is gorgeous. The stockings and suspenders are just pure sexy appeal.

Love the simplicity of this nude combo. A beautiful structured blazer and a body con dress never fails.

Sensually and cleverly use your imagination and play with your layers.

See you all soon.
picture credit: Elle Brazil.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The art behind Chanel fragances

Hello everyone,

I was missing blogging so much! I was away with a friend for a few days. We went up to Manchester, it was quite cold and very rainy, still it's always nice to travel and we had a good time.

Back in London town the other day I had the opportunity to attend the Chanel Baudruchage demonstration.

Baudruchage, it's the distinctive art form to seal the bottles of the most luxurious fragrances in the world. It was very interesting to see it because it's a very skilled process.

Chanel actually only hire 8 women, called Metier d’Art. All the work is done manually, bottle by bottle, it takes them around 7 months training.

The 3 stage technique complies in using a very thin rubber which looks like a thin skin, the skin is quickly wrapped around the bottle neck and lid. Secondly, the black cord is meticulously wrapped around the seal and then cut. Finally the hot wax is applied onto the same spot and marked twice with the Chanel logo.

It's a very luxurious finish, also functional because this rubber seal not only helps to preserve the scent but also guarantees the quality of the brand to the customer proving that the product hasn't been tampered with.

The 8 ladies employed by Chanel can produce 100 bottles an hour, in total an average of 2.500 bottles are hand sealed by day.
They normally will wrap the rubber skin and the cord in one batch and finish all off in the afternoon stamping all the bottles with the wax.

This treatment is reserved for the extrait concentration, the most luxurious form of perfume.

Another reason to love Chanel!
It's quite amazing how much effort goes into a single product.

See you soon.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

Fridays at Portobello
"Street Style"

... Some cool people around...
- Click on the picture to enlarge.

street style
Leanne, Portobello Market.
I totally adored this look, all very sweet with the themed shirt but also sexy-cool with the cropped leather jacket and the striped mini.

street style
Hayley, Portobello Road.
I love the way she has combined all her layers. I am much loving her knit cardi and coat. Her tasseled bag is also gorgeous.

Loni, Portobello Market.
I very much like the lace dress, soft and feminine, contrasting with the heavy boots.

Kathleen, Portobello Market.
Love nude and neutral colours...they look great together. Teamed up with a cool print dress to break it up, simple and lovely.

london street style
Maddy, Portobello Road.
Basic black with a touch of fun and different textures, love the faux fur coat and the lace tights.

See you all soon.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Kitty's 35 th Anniversary

Hello and Meow!

If you're a Hello Kitty fan, you must know Miss cute cat is commemorating her 35th anniversary! Hello Kitty was born on the 1st of November, 1974.

To celebrate, Sanrio has had many different collaborations from cool designers such as Anteprima, Linda Farrow, American Apparel, Lochcarron, Dr. Romanelli and Asics to name a few.

I was checking the website of uber trend shop 'Colette' in Paris, which I have always wanted to visit but now I certainly want pay a visit even quicker... Hello Kitty specials will only be available until the 5th December! (Can we get on the Eurostar now, please?)

They are selling a fantastic collection of collectible items and a section of the shop was especially decorated for HK anniversary.

Check it out!

(- Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

I would love to go there of course, but if that is not possible you can have a good old browse on their website.

So whilst browsing, funnily enough I took a fancy for the most peculiar toy which is the medical and anatomy versions of Hello Kitty!

It's a bit weird and extremely cute at the same time as Hello Kitty organs all have cute bows and Hello kitty faces. I totally love it!

Designed by the cool Dr. Romanelli these toys are made by Medicom. There are 4 figurines to collect the anatomy one, in blue and vintage, and the medical one, in green and candy stripe versions.

I want them all pretty badly!

There are also other cute and desirable items for all budgets...

Antreprima bag as seen on Paris Hilton £ 3279

Lochcarron bag, £92

Camomilla bag £65

Sanrio necklace, £1949

Mug with tea strainer £32

Glasses holder £20 ( I totally love this one too!)

American Apparel T-shirt £115.

Dr. Romanelli figures, £71

You can also find the famous Asics trainers in red for £141.

Love everything?

Check it out :

Hello kitty special from 9 November to 5 December 2009.

See you soon.


Monday, November 16, 2009

The bare necessities... What is in my bag.

Hello everyone,

I am back!

I am so sorry with the lack of news around here but on the other hand, I had a very busy and pleasurable week going out with friends and having guests around.

I haven't been posting lately but I was still having my usual peep at many of your lovely blogs!

Anyways, I have always really enjoyed all the posts where some of you girlies share the contents of your bags to the world...

The nosey side of me (he, he, he) loves to find out what type of things people carry around. What can you not live without it?

Inspired by so many of your posts, I thought it was my turn to share with you what is in my bag.

I hope you enjoy!

pretty portobello

I try to keep it to a minimal because I do change bags every other day!

The bare necessities:

Today inside my Vivienne Westwood pirate bag...

- My beloved old wallet by Circa.

- An old second hand Blackberry.

- Pretty Portobello cards.

- An umbrella (if you live in England a brolly is a must!).

- Chewing gum.

- Boujoirs Lipstick.

- A wooden comb.

- Deodorant.

- Elizabeth Arden Blusher.

- Blusher brush.

- Hello Kitty chocolates.

- Bach florals.

- Perfume.

- Tape (for my feet, against blisters, because I can't use plasters).

That is the basic, then normally I would also carry some gloves, a hat and a scarf... sometimes even my chocolate milkshake (a devilsh Frijj) goes in there too!

See you soon.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love my old skirt - Aka my new top!

Hello my lovelies,

Today's post is an outfit with a little story to tell...

Every now and then, I have a huge tidy up on my wardrobe. See, I carefully choose the word 'tidy' and not 'clean'(for much of my boyfriend's despair) because I am a big hoarder.

What a girl to do?

Can't bare to chuck it... you must recycle it!

pretty portobello

( My new invented top! An easy and cheerful DIY!)

Anyways, the real story starts about 15 years ago when I bought this sarong style skirt at the Opera Rock in Sao Paulo. I totally adored and loved it back then. I wore it quite few times but I always had a problem with it...a big one. It used to slide off completely, quietly and totally unnoticed and leaving me very exposed as I walked down the road!

Eventually, I gave up on it. Totally abandoned it and left it behind in Brazil ages ago.

( An old picture...The skirt, originally as it was back in 97!)

pretty portobello

Oh well, last year when I was back in Brazil....

My mum, also a (organized) hoarder made me try a few bits which were still there...

Of course, I rejected the majority of them (the skirt included) and much to my surprise when opening my suitcase back at home in London, guess what? The skirt and other bits were greeting me as soon as I opened my suitcase, I soon found few sneaky items that somehow had made their way in. Mum? Hummmm!?!?!

What do do? (AGAIN) Let's turn it into a top! I think this is a much nicer and hassle free way to re-invent this garment.

pretty portobello

( The skirt has a new life as top in 2009, over ten years on but still rocking!)

westwood shoes

I decided to brighten up with some red details on my shoes, bag and necklace.

Jeans: Topshop, Cardigan: Xmas present, Necklace: Selfmade, Bag: Coccinelle, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood.

So what do you think of this recycled DIY top?

Honest opinions, please!

See you soon.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

Fridays at Portobello
Street style

A post full of color...
-Click on the picture to enlarge

street style
Danielle, near Portobello Road.
My friend Danielle looks gorgeous and colourful. I love the colour combination she choose, especially the belt which is very unique and brings the whole outfit together.

Carol, Portobello Market.
Nice accessories, I love the grey bag, big and fabulous and the over the knee boots in moss green, a cool and different colour.

Sarah, Portobello Market.
She combines and matches colour with much fun. Suits her so much as she looks very cute.

street style
Rosa, Portobello Market.
Another great bag, I like the hat too and the contrast of those accessories with her outfit. Pretty cool.

See you tomorrow with an outfit post!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Giles Deacon new collection for New Look.

Hello everyone,

I have just received an email from a lovely lady who does the PR for New Look and she sent me these pictures, which is a preview of the collection the designer Giles Deacon has created for them this season.

I was very excited about it! The collection which is called 'Gold' is due to be released on November 9th. Make sure, to write it down on your fashion agenda.

I am much loving the structured shoulders and all the beautiful beading and sequined details. It is just so this season!
(I have been a sucker for shoulder pads lately, I have totally found myself in that look! Back to the eighties or forward to the sci-fi future, I don't care, I love them!)

Anyways, the dresses below are a perfect for a night out or any Xmas do's. Also, great ideas for your Xmas wish list too. Get ready for the party season!

It's hard to choose just one... but my favourites are the first and fourth!
Pads, pads, pads... give me some more of those shoulder pads. I also love the sequined dress, just fabulous with some leggings. I really want one!
Below,a selection of some gorgeous shoes and boots to compliment any outfit.

My feet are just so itching to try the gold ones on from the first picture... Ohhhh aren't they amazing?

Well, this was just a small preview, next Monday the collection will be in stores nationwide and also online. It includes a cute selection of jewellery and accessories.
Personally, I can't wait to check it out!

See you soon.

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