Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mix and Match

I have some cool items, which I have chosen to mix & match this week. The dress with racer back, is absolutely perfect for the very hot days we are having and it's my star item of the week.

Here, is a very simple combination of 3 dresses, 3 accessories and 3 pair of shoes which easily can be combined and worn with each other. A great option if you are going to take a quick city break!

Have Fun!

(Items left to right).
1.Shakuhachi by the style store.
2.Sass & Bide
3. All saints Enyo

1. L.A wing necklace by Ec One
2. Stephen Webster ring by Ec one
3. Cuff by Topshop

1. Kurt Geiger
2. Cos
3.Moonsoon sandals

See you soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you VERY much

Hi guys,

A very hot hello tonight, since the weather has been SO hot lately. I am not complaining but I am suffering loads trying to cover myself up and staying away from the sun.

Anyways, tonight I am posting my second review for I have 2 great accessories which I have chosen and I am really, really delighted about them.

My first item is this fantastic skull scarf! Which I am terribly in love with. You guys know how much I love my skull scarves (I have a small collection developing, oops.) Anyhow, when I saw this one on the website , I knew it was going to be a great and wicked addition.

I also love my skulls to be different and original, I haven't seen any similar skulls to those before. The skull scarf is an ultra trendy and cool accessory which can be worn all seasons. It will surely be worn to death by me as I am a huge fan of the trend.

The scarf has also some cute details on it, like the tassels on the ends. Another thing I have noticed is that on the right side of the fabric (the correct side), the print is white with black skulls, but on the wrong side of the fabric the skulls look slightly navy blue, I must be mad to have noticed that but it's a detail which I found very pretty and I really loved it!

Nice size too, it's long and it can be worn around the neck, it's great because it's not too large so it hangs out pretty nicely too, not bulky.

shredded t shirt

belt by very

My second item is this cute studded belt. I am still grieving the loss of one of my favourite belts... Therefore, I thought this one was a perfect choice to cheer me up..

This skinny belt is great for any rock chick outfit, I love the small studded details on, which goes really well with my new wedges from the Love label too. Also ideal to wear with any jeans with small belt loops, which are so common in skinny jeans in particular.

If I am wearing a long skinny belt, like this one, which goes twice around jeans, for example, I like it to look modern yet practical whilst having the belt still doing it's job.

I don't feed all the belt thought the loops, I just feed the belt through the loops once and let the second loop hanging around my waist to create a slouchy chic look. Are you with me?

Accessories are always a must! The more the merrier... in fact if they did have the scarf in different colours, I would be getting every single one of them!

Wearing today: T-shirt: Pretty Portobello Shop, Scarf, Belt & Shoes:

N.B. sent me the scarf and the belt free of charge, I accepted the gifts on the understanding that if I could, if I so chose, write a unbiased review which is my own, unedited, opinion.

See you soon.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Louis Vuitton A/W 10 Campaign

Hello, hello...

Just a quick update here, the weather is ultra hot and I am posting some pictures of the latest Louis Vuitton campaign, Autumn/Winter 2010!

These are gorgeous pictures with Christy Turlington, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova modelling a polished and ladylike collection. Back to the glamour of the 50's, a romantic and very beautiful collection indeed! I am already in love with the long halter neck dress, which Karen Elson is wearing. Plus the doctor bag too!

-Click on the image to enlarge.

The campaign was shot by Steven Meisel and it will be on the magazines in August.

See you later.

Friday, June 25, 2010

YSL Arty jewellery

Hi guys,

I took this picture a while ago, at the Yves Saint Laurent shop... a great little teaser for a quick post!

It's very hard to resist the temptation! Which one(s) would you go for?
I love the bangle! That one would be my next... as I was lucky, I ended up having 2 rings, the dark blue and the turquoise both the oval ones.(The second one was a gift!)


Cool ideas with hair pins!

Hi guys,

A quick DIY idea here!

If you like me, have thousands and thousands of hair pins that don't get used that often, this hair pin necklace is a cute, cheap and simple idea. I really like it!

You could also spray the hair pins in different colours if you wish, to create a cool pattern. And if you ever have a bad hair day, using this necklace might just help a little.

Check it out!

Otherwise get inspired by one of my favourite Dior's catwalk hairstyle ever! All the pins straight from the necklace to your head.

Both cool ideas for summer! Anyone inspired too?

See you guys later.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coach Handbags Photo Gallery

Coach Handbags
Coach Handbags
Coach Handbags
Coach Handbags
Coach Handbags

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton Handbags
Louis Vuitton Handbags
Louis Vuitton Handbags
Louis Vuitton Handbags
Louis Vuitton Handbags

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VERY cool post

Hi guys,

Today I am posting something VERY special!

I have already been a fan of website for a while. Very stocks cool labels such as Love Label and collections like Ferne Cotton's, whose style we all adore. One happy morning, I was asked by to review some products for them and I was really excited about it. Here is the first of 3 products I have chosen to review.

I just fell in love with these wedges straight away! These cool studded wedges are bang-on trend and are going to make me happy. They are so stylish and I can wear them for summer and winter too (avec socks), they will be pure rock and roll with skinny jeans and great too with tights and dresses, like I am wearing here.

Groove is the heart here with this whole vintage look. My mum, will certainly love these pictures more than anyone else, as this dress was hers originally from the 70's! Mum, is also a huge fan of head scarves and by now she is probably clapping her hands with a smile, thinking I look just like her! Teaming this whole vintage look with my new wedges from Love Label. I love how they do compliment this outfit beautifully.

vintage dress

vintage dress,vintage dress

vintage dress

I find it a little tricky to buy shoes online and therefore always read the reviews on the website about the item. I find this helpful when trying to choose which size to buy, it just gives me a slightly better idea but then I have to trust my own judgements really, difficult decisions.

So here, is my review:

As I said before, I love these shoes and I got loads of compliments when I was wearing them. The wedge style is stylish and always makes your legs look gorgeously long. They're also easy to wear and are very comfortable due the platform. They are also light, so you really can wear them for hours.

The shoes have a versatile style too, you can do 70's and flares, rock chick or just plain. Anything goes, leggings or shorts you can pick you style and go with them safely.

I wore them for a night out, after a whole day at work wearing them! I am the pickiest person about my shoes but I must say they felt amazingly comfortable. I found them to be the true size too, but if your feet are on a narrower side like mine, I believe you could get away with one size smaller.

At the moment these shoes are on sale reduced from £32 to a bargain £16! There's not what to love about them. Get yours before it goes. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

N.B. sent me the shoes free of charge, I accepted the gifts on the understanding that if I could, if I so chose, write a unbiased review which is my own, unedited, opinion.

See you soon.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Black Large Slouch

Black Large Slouch
Black Large Slouch
Black Large Slouch
Black Large Slouch
Black Large Slouch

SILK LUREX Latets Designs


Get minxed

Hi guys,

Have I been obsessed with my hands lately or what? Can't stop thinking of cool, new, fresh nail varnishes...

Have you guys heard of Minx nails? If not, I am here to update you on this trend which I think will be big this year. I was immediately drawn to it as soon as I saw it. Although celebrities and stars are leading the trend, you might already have spotted Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and 'Samantha' on SATC2 with her golden nails... And now we can have it too!

Minx Nails are cool because they come in colors and patterns that you cannot create with nail polish. The colour is fierce! We are talking about metallic... Screaming ones out there, gold, silver are the nicest colours but anything goes.

A new nail fashion made of flexible film, applied with heat and pressure and it does not require any drying time. The foil is applied on the nails like a wrap and stuck on it with the help of heat. The Minx foil is available in metallic, patterns and graphics. On average, Minx lasts from 7 to 14 days on the fingers and up to 4 weeks on the toes.
It reminds me of the idea of the peeling nail varnish we had a few years ago (does anyone remember that?) but the Minx needs the help of a heat source to be removed and either the nail technician or even by yourself.

This is how it looks like before it being applied. There are so many designs to choose from. Minx is a film with an adhesive back.

The application goes on more or less like this. Minx is attached to the nail, cut to measure and then under the heat to seal it onto the nail.

Here's the finished look and some inspirations:

I took a picture of this girl's toe nails, she had a leopard minx design on.

I definitely want to try it one day! I would leave it for a special occasion but I am sure they look must fabulous on! As for the design, I would stick to silver or gold, which are classy yet slightly wacky too.
I love it, but what do you think of it?

By the way, tonight I am very pleased with my manicure! It's not Minxed, but it's looking pretty good, in fact the best I ever had done. I might just do a post with a nail varnish swatch just to show it off. This week I am going green for Brazil!

See you soon.

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