Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Headphones

Hi guys,

As we are approaching Xmas, my head still full of ideas (!) and I have been coming across a lot of stuff... things that I would love to have. Mad about Hello Kitty as you guys know I am, this week I ended up coming across the perfect accessory to go with some the items which I posted about a couple of weeks ago.(The Hello Kitty Ipod dock and Hello Kitty Ipod covers, click here to have a look at them.)

Now, all you need is set of Hello Kitty headphones to finish off the look! Those from Coloud are just fantastic. There are so many different designs and the headphones itself, have such a retro feel to them. I also like their size because they cover your whole ear, so in the winter they are useful as well as practical.

Well, I am showing you guys some of the Hello Kitty designs but there are many other characters to choose from. Betty Boop, Bob Square Pants and Marvel to name a few. Prices range is from €39,00 to €49,00(euros). In the UK retailing around £35, quite a reasonable price.
I really want the one below, the colourful Hello Kitty one! I totally ♥ it!

See you soon.


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