Friday, December 17, 2010

White Dress Shirt Collection

White Dress Shirt
White Dress Shirt For You
White Dress Shirt
The white dress shirt is our ‘Get out of jail’ free card- It’s the men’s version of the ‘little black dress’. It can be teamed with almost anything apart from a thong! It’s like the white canvas in which you can showcase your other trendier items. However this isn’t an excuse to plunge into your old school uniform shirts.
Purchase two high quality dress shirts and make sure it has a high thread count, thicker cotton weave for increased durability. You can tell instatly when someone’s shirt is cheap.
Trust us- if you invest in a good quality shirt, you’ll feel ten times better. Take advange of TM Lewin, who are having sinful reductions on their shirts at the moment. They even have an altering service and for an extra £12, the tailors will fit the shirt to you perfectly. It’s a small price to pay for such an essential garment.


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