Friday, January 21, 2011

Celebrity Closets an inside peep.

Hi guys,

I have always dreamt with a beautiful, functional and spacious closet. Well, who hasn't? A place where you can display your shoes and bags proudly, with plenty of room for all you clothes, hat boxes, jewellery and a chez lounge... sighs.

The celebrity closet! The dream of any girl. Christina Aguilera's has a burlesque cave with an impressive collection of shoes. Other shoe lovers are Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria both with classic wooden closets. Christina Ricci and Miley Cirus both opted for pink and bright rooms, boutique like rather than a conventional closet.

Nina Ricci

Miley Cyrus

Mariah Carey's closet, looks more like a shop, or shall I say a 'maison'?!? It's quite unbelievable really!

The cosy and yet clean white closet belongs to Georgia Chapman, from Marchesa. (I am eyeing that Chanel bag on the corner!)

Actress Olivia Wilde. Another shop like closet, but the mirror and chandelier are romantic and bring some life into the room.

From one Olivia to another, our lady of style, Olivia Palermo.
I was expecting more of her closet to be honest, something classic, such as Jessica or Eva's. I love the carpet, it's fun and I would have it. The rest of the room looks like it's from Ikea. Maybe that is not so bad, take it from Ms.Palermo, keep it simple and anyone could have the celebrity closet too!

Kimora Lee Simmons, she has a mini bar, plasma TV and loads of leopard print. Plus 35 custom made Hermes bags and 500 pairs of jeans.

Paula Abdul, may have a 5,000 square feet closet, but it looks a bit tacky with those cheap sunglasses displays.

A simple life with a simple but pretty full closet for Nicole Richie.

Full of mirrors, posh and a very sumptuous boudoir for Paris Hilton.

Hope you enjoyed!


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