Monday, January 17, 2011

The latest Birkin inspiration - Thursday Friday shopper

Hi guys,

I hope you all have been well lately. So, today is a Monday but I'll be talking about the 'Thursday Friday Together bag', which is an eco fabric shopper, made of canvas with a Hermes print on it!

Well, I have already blogged about the Birkin style bags which are made of jersey and this fun and cool creation has to be shared too.

Obviously these bags are much cheaper than the real thing, no doubt about it, but it's not necessarily easy to get your hands on one as you would imagine. They have already sold out a few times on their website and now all the bags are on back order. Actually, there is a lengthy waiting list for them too!

Although you would not think much of it, I have seen someone wearing it before and I had to take a double glance to realize that is wasn't a Birkin. Believe me, I was surprised to see that it was a canvas bag and curious to find out who were they by.

Made by American (L.A based) brand, Thursday Friday costing only $35 in 3 classic Birkin colours as red, blue and brown no wonder why it's flying of the shelves.

Is this chic shopper for you? The together bag will be back in February but orders can be placed in advanced. Run Lola, run!

See you soon.


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